Human Trafficking Resources

Ontario Native Women Association (Ottawa)

• Cultural Healing
• Trauma informed care
• Family Violence
• Workshops and Webinars (Trauma Bonding, Misbehaviour and Parenting)

Minwaashin Lodge Aboriginal Women’s Support Centre (Ottawa Region)

Minwaashin Lodge provides a range of programs and services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis women and children (regardless of status) who are survivors of domestic and other forms of violence, and who may also be suffering the effects of the residential school system. All programs and services are provided in the context of cultural beliefs and values to ensure a holistic approach is used as part of the healing journey.

STORM: (Street Team Out Reach Mobile)
The STORM team is available to assist women involved in the sex trade.  The outreach team can assist women with immediate medical, safety and shelter needs.

Also Offers:
• Transitional Support and Housing Program
• Managers of Sacred Child/Youth programs (Age 0-6)
• Culture Program
• Counselling Services
• Employment Readiness
• Women’s Shelter
Office Number: (613) 741-5590
Crisis Line: (613) 789-1141

Métis Nation of Ontario Anti-Human Trafficking Program

The MNO Ottawa Community AHT Coordinator helps communities by providing direct programming, drop-in, and client supports for people who may be at risk for harm related to the spectrum of issues associated with human trafficking. All services offered through this Program are completely confidential.

Direct Support:You can contact the MNO Anti-Human Trafficking Program by calling or texting 613 – 295 – 2418 or by calling 613 – 748 – 1880.

Learn more:
To learn more about the Program and for all other Program inquiries please contact the MNO’s Manager of Program Development Jason Jamieson by email at or by phone at 705 – 474 – 2767 Ext. 308.

Akwesasne Family Wellness Program

• 6-week residential or non-residential program for women and men who have been victims of or exposed to abuse (domestic, physical, mental, emotional, sexual & self)
• 24-hour support line, on-site support and information available
• Referrals
• Advocacy
• Education
• Tools and information on domestic violence offered in individual & group settings
• Access to cultural and traditional teachings
• Outreach program

Phone number: 613-937-4322
24 hour support line: 1-800-480-4208

Wholistic Health and Wellness

The Wholistic Health and Wellness program proudly has a multidisciplinary team which consists of individuals whom are directed toward supporting clients through assessment, diagnosis and treatment from both Native Traditional and mainstream clinical healing processes.

Phone: 613-575-2341 ext. 3115

Three Sister Program

Operates a 24/7 secure shelter facility whose operations provide crisis response and support services to victims of abuse, violence, assault, harassment, and crisis from domestic violence, sexual assault and/or human trafficking.

During business hours phone: 518-358-4406
Toll-free 855-3SISTER (855-374-7837)
Emergency: Tribal Police 518-358-9200

Speak Out: Stop Sex Trafficking

An educational campaign focused on raising awareness about sexual exploitation among Indigenous women and youth. You can get:

• Information on the website
• Downloadable materials for distribution in communities
• A discussion guide that includes culturally relevant activities to help leaders and caregivers facilitate conversations with youth and provide support.

*This campaign was designed by Indigenous people*

Talk 4 Healing

Culturally grounded, fully confidential helpline for Indigenous women available in 14 languages all across Ontario.

Toll-free: 1-855-554-HEAL (4325) (Live chat option available)

A New Day (Ottawa)

The 18-Month Restorative Residential Program Offers:

• A safe, secure and confidential 4 bed residential home
• Each young woman has their own bedroom and a shared communal living space
• Healthy meals, addiction support, trauma counselling, individual goal planning
• 24/7 trained residential staff with a live-in house mentor
• A length of stay of approximately 18 months but is determined by each resident and their individual path of recovery.

Who Can Apply?

• Are you female and between the ages of 16-26 years of age?
• Have you been commercially sexually exploited and/or sexually trafficked?
• Are you ready to start on a path of healing and recovery?

How Do You Apply to the Program?

• Referral from a community agency/worker
• You must be sober for a minimum of 7 days.
• After the referral is received, we will set up a meeting in-person or telephone to access your readiness for the program.
• If all the criteria is met and there is a bed available, we will plan to move you into the program


Voice Found (Ottawa)

The Hope Found Project: Support for those who have been, or are being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

• Basic Immediate Needs: food, shelter, clothing, safety planning, transportation, medical care, psychological and emotional support.
• Short –Mid Term: Transitional Housing, detox and addiction services, basic needs, dental care, sexual health services, physiotherapy, victim services, legal support, trauma and anxiety counselling, case management support.
• Long Term: Housing, education and employment preparation, dental care, victim services, legal support, case management support, counselling.

help@voicefound.caDaytime, Monday - Friday: 613-763-5332
Toll Free: 866-239-0558

Path Found Project: Path Found is a survivor-led program that provides survivors of human trafficking with skills, knowledge and confidence to become meaningfully engaged in their communities.


The Clinic: The Clinic provides healthcare and support for those who are at risk of, are experiencing or have experienced sex or labour trafficking or sexual coercion.

Services are delivered by a team of trauma-informed healthcare professionals, case managers and specialists who understand and deliver person-centred care. Informed by people with lived experience, The Clinic works as a hub and supports all person (age 13 years and older) regardless of gender.

Strength Found:Strength Found is a program for adults who were sexually abused as children.Developed and informed by persons with lived experience, we offer workshops, peer support (groups and 1:1) and social activities designed for survivors. Office: 613-763-5332Toll Free: 1-866-239-0558

Free legal support to survivors of human trafficking to obtain a restraining order:

How the program works: The ministry has created a team of specialized lawyers to help survivors and potential victims get a restraining order by providing legal support, including:

• Free, confidential legal advice
• Help completing a restraining order application
• Representation at application hearings in any Ontario Court of Justice.

Parents and guardians of a child survivor or a child at risk of being trafficked will also be eligible for free legal support.Restraining orders can be in place for up to three years and renewed if necessary. These orders are enforced by the police.


Survivors of all ages can access this service and the trafficking does not need to have happened in Ontario to be eligible. This program is available to all eligible women, men, trans and gender-diverse people in Ontario.

This restraining order only applies to a trafficker who resides in Ontario.Survivors or those at-risk of being trafficked do not need to have a criminal case in progress, in order to obtain a restraining order against their trafficker.

How to access the program

Survivors and parents/guardians of those who are at-risk of being trafficked can speak with a trained advisor, using the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline.

Those who are interested in free legal advice to get a human trafficking restraining order will be referred to a lawyer Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-833-900-1010
Free Legal Support for Human Trafficking Survivors - Ministry of the Attorney General (

Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation:

Provide priority access to social housing or provide help to pay rent.

• Affordable Housing
• Supportive Housing (with Carefor)
• RGI (Rent Geared to Income)

Contact number: 613-938-7717

Human trafficking prosecution team:

Ontario has a human trafficking prosecution team composed of specialized Crown prosecutors who are responsible for handling human trafficking cases, providing legal advice to police and prosecutors, and delivering enhanced education and training within the justice sector.

This team possesses specialized knowledge to prosecute cases, such as alternatives to in-court testimony (for example, via videoconference or testifying with supports) and can support a victim through the court process.

SafeHope Home (Durham Region)

SafeHope Day Program:

• Successfully resolve past issues of abuse and addictions (if applicable)
• Engage in healthy relationships
• Manage emotions in a healthy, functioning manner
• Improve quality of life and increased level of self-esteem and self-compassion
• Break the cycle of abuse in their own lives
• Reach a higher level of education and employability skills to move forward as successful contributing members of society

Stage Two Housing:

SafeHope Home provides survivors of human trafficking a safe and supportive home to reside in while working on their recovery. In this supportive context participants develop basic living skills. This unique house encourages independent living in a roommate environment. Each participant has their own bedroom and can come and go from the house freely, while respecting house rules and curfews.

**SafeHope Home is not a treatment facility or an emergency shelter, but an abstinence-based long-term comprehensive program for women between the ages of 16-29.**

For any participant or referral information, please contact

Centre Novas: (Prescott-Russell)

**Sexual Assault Support Services for Women 16+** The services of the Center Novas are in French. They are free and confidential. Here are some of the services offered:

• Counseling
• Support/Advocacy
• Defence of rights
• Support group / coffee meetings
• Information, referral
• Education and public awareness activities
• Community liaison



 Francophone helpline for women dealing with violence:

• Access to French language services by women throughout the province, in their own regions, by dialling a single phone number from anywhere in Ontario
• Provides non-judgemental, high quality intervention that is grounded in a feminist framework of violence against women.
• Advocates equality and accessibility to French Language Services regardless of location within Ontario.
• Partners with other service providers that offer services for prevention of violence against women and with other organizations that serve the Francophone community.

Helpline Number: 1 877 336-2433

The Trap

The Trap is an online resource to teach children and youth what human trafficking is and equip them with the skills to stay safe. It was developed with help from frontline service providers and trafficking survivors. The tool can help adults lead a realistic discussion with youth about how trafficking occurs, so young people can identify when it may be happening to them or their friends, and know where and how to get help.

Registration – Step 1 | Human Trafficking Digital Education Tool (

Online Training Initiative to Address Human Trafficking

Our goal is to help you become sufficiently informed about the dynamics of this phenomenon in Ontario, to spot red flags and know paths to pursue when you suspect a case of labour trafficking.

This online training initiative includes general training on human trafficking, as well as modules tailored to industry-specific needs: legal professionals, law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, and professionals working with children.

Evidence Exchange Network for Mental Health and Addictions

EENet's online course will help service providers recognize and respond to the needs of human trafficking survivors. After taking the course you will be able to:

• Define human trafficking, including types and indicators
• Identify common impacts on human trafficking survivors, especially in the area of mental health and addiction
• Describe approaches that mental health and addiction service providers can use to help human trafficking survivors.

An introduction to human trafficking | EENet
Registration – Step 1 | Human Trafficking Digital Education Tool (

YouTurn (Ottawa Area)

Youturn –Youth Support Services provides targeted services to young people between the ages of 12-25 who are involved in human trafficking activities.

The Next Chapter program supports young people who are vulnerable to or survivors of human trafficking. This program provides community based specialized supports and services aimed at limited youth involvement in Human Trafficking activities and supporting access to immediate and long term supports for survivors.

Also Offers:

• Community Support Team
• Youth in Transition Worker Program
• Gang Prevention/Intervention
• Intensive Support & Supervision Team
• Educational Programs
(613) 789-0123

Public Safety Canada

The government site brings awareness to all forms of human trafficking from sexual human trafficking to human labour trafficking. 

Human trafficking involves recruiting, transporting, or holding victims to exploit them or to help someone else exploit them, generally for sexual purposes or work. Traffickers get their victims to comply through different forms of coercion.

Human Trafficking -

The Centre

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking is a national charity dedicated to ending all types of human trafficking in Canada.

Human trafficking in Canada is occurring at shocking levels. It is a sophisticated, organized crime and that demands sophisticated, coordinated and integrated solutions.

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking has been established as the national “backbone” organization working on this issue. The Centre collaborates and works with the various stakeholders dedicated to this issue, including all levels of government, private sector businesses and front line service providers in order to advance best practices and eliminate duplicate efforts across Canada.

About Us – The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking
Research + Reports – Canada – The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is a confidential, multilingual service, operating 24/7 to connect victims and survivors with social services, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as receive tips from the public.

The hotline uses a victim-centered approach when connecting human trafficking victims and survivors with local emergency, transition, and/or long-term supports and services across the country, as well as connecting callers to law enforcement where appropriate.

What We Do - Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline