Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of S.D.G. & A is seeking a Counsellor and Outreach Worker

November 5, 2020

Job Description Position title: Counsellor – Outreach, Groups and Counselling

Hours of work: 37.5 hours per week

A- Summary of the position

Offer trauma based and supportive, one on one, counselling and general support to female survivors of sexual abuse aged 16 and older in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Akwesasne, and Cornwall. Counsellor will be required to use their own vehicle to offer services to clients in the counties and Akwesasne, but SASS will pay the mileage. The services offered by the counselor include; advocacy, accompaniment, referral and group counselling.

B- Key Responsibilities

The counsellor will offer counselling services to the women of the community and will participate in activities related to this role. She will develop and implement counselling techniques and will work in collaboration with the Executive Director and Counsellor/Volunteer Coordinator. She may sit on various committees related to and in support of her work. General Duties:

♀ Intervene in crisis situation or urgent request, if available

♀ Provide accompaniment support to SASS clients

♀ Refer women to external resources for long term counselling and other needs

♀ Act in an advocacy role if appropriate

♀ Develop counselling tools based on the needs of the women

♀ Participate in the evaluation of services (measure efficiency of services)

♀ Participate in creating and updating internal policies and procedures for delivery of services.

Necessary competencies:

♀ Focus on the service user’s goals

♀ Active listening skills

♀ Good interpersonal skills

♀ Have empathic understanding and the ability to see things from the service user’s perspective

♀ Must remain impartial

♀ Maintain warmth and genuine understanding

♀ Unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness

♀ Counsellor must demonstrate a positive acceptance of service user and that the service user is valued and respected

♀ Be non-judgmental, non-directive approach to assisting the service user to find personal solutions

♀ Encourage wellness in service user

♀ Use appropriate body language such as a non-threatening posture, while maintaining eye contact and respecting service user’s personal space

♀ Sensitive to the needs, feelings and problems of others

♀ Be able to focus full attention on individual seeking counseling

♀ Active listening

♀ Have capacity to recognize warning signs of burnout

♀ Be able to handle a heavy case load; 15-18 weekly clients

♀ Be organized

♀ Resilient

♀ Deal effectively with high levels of stress

♀ Capable of scheduling clients based on meeting location

♀ Capable of time management

♀ Valid driver’s license required Counselling Support: Intake, referral and short term counselling

Counselling Services:

Intake: Provide 4 initial intake sessions (1. Trauma assessment, 2. Tracking disclosure history, 3. Identifying resilience dialogue, and 4. Setting goals for recovery)

Redirection: Within SASS programs to Peer support group(s) female, healing art group, empowerment camp, drop-in center.

Provide referral out to other services including long term counselling: Referral out should occur if another issue altogether is discovered upon intake that requires a different service or long term counselling is desired (ASAP, Private or OHIP based)

Provide short term individual counselling with women 16 years of age and older, based on request and in accordance with current policies and procedures.

Short term individual counselling up to a maximum of 15-18 women per week.

Commitment to developing a consistent and acceptable treatment plan.

Attention to the progress of therapy and communication of this interest to the client.

Support groups

♀ Implement and co-facilitate support or peer support groups

♀ Must provide groups in French and in English.

Other related duties

♀ Prepare statistical reports and manage position and job description related expenses

♀ Knowledgeable of resources available in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne

♀ Knowledgeable of diversity of the community in the region.

♀ Be a contact person for the alarm system

C. Qualifications:

Knowledge of the following:

♀ Sexual assault and violence against women

♀ Understand inclusive feminist approach

♀ Social and political issues

♀ Computer programs – Microsoft Office, internet search engines, client data base.

♀ Adhere to an inclusive feminist approach

♀ Ability to resolve conflicts and inspire service users to identify and strengthen their resilience

♀ Be willing to address public concerns regarding SASS as a safe place for women, with a consistent message and positive approach to ensure the public that SASS for women remains true to its mandate to provide a safe place for all women.

♀ Ability to communicate consistently and well with volunteers, trainees, and colleagues while maintaining good working relationships with both.

♀ Be willing to work as a team member with other staff

♀ Be a positive and hopeful leader

♀ Manage client files

♀ Be able to analyze situations

♀ Be familiar with internal policies and procedures and remain up to date

♀ Be able to handle crisis situations that may arise with clients

♀ Participate in developing an environment of confidence, sharing, respect and a sense of belonging for colleagues, volunteers and clients

♀ The ability to question, reflect and challenge attitudes and beliefs

♀ Counsellors must be self-aware, and must be in control of their feelings, thoughts and emotions whilst working with clients

♀ Work/life balance

♀ Career and personal focus

♀ Capable of goal setting.

♀ Is able to handle constructive criticism, to recognize the areas in which they are in need of improvement.

♀ Is authentic, sincere, and honest.

♀ Counsellor must have their own triggers under control to ensure they’re giving the best service possible.

♀ Able to maintain healthy boundaries; no personal relationships with clients (i.e. social media friends, socializing on your personal time, etc.)


1. The employee is to work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week and submit bi weekly staff schedules.

2. Employee may be required to work a regular 8:30 to 4:30 schedule or have flexible schedules from time to time (e.g. condensed work weeks, arriving and leaving late) or evening and weekend work to address the needs of the position.

3. Lieu time is given for hours worked over the contracted hours. SASS is committed to the development of an organization that reflects the community and the Women it serves.

Applications from Aboriginal Women, World Majority Women/Women of Color, LGBTQ Women and Women with Disabilities are strongly encouraged

Only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. No phone calls. Please send resume to Angela Vinet at: Please log onto for full job description.

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